Differentiation of iPSCs into astrocytes, motor neurons and cortical neurons

Description of your project: Differentiate and characterize cortical neurons, motor neurons and astrocytes generated from ALS patient induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells for the purpose of disease modeling, mechanistic studies, and drug discovery. Maintain and expand iPSCs for future experiments.

Recent Publications

  • Donnelly CJ, Zhang PW, Pham JT, Heusler AR, Mistry NA, Vidensky S, Daley EL, Poth EM, Hoover B, Fines, DM, Maragakis N, Tienari PJ, Petrucelli L, Traynor BJ, Wang J, Rigo F, Bennett CF, Blackshaw S, Sattler R, Rothstein JD. RNA Toxicity from the ALS/FTD C9ORF72 Expansion Is Mitigated by Antisense Intervention. Neuron – Oct 2013
  • Coughlin JM, Ishizuka K, Kano SI, Edwards JA, Seifuddin FT, Shimano MA, Daley EL, Zandi PP, Leweke FM, Cascella NG, Pomper MG, Yolken RH, Sawa A (2012). Marked reduction of soluble superoxide dismutase-1 (SOD1) in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with recent-onset schizophrenia. Mol Psychiatry. Feb 2012.
  • Marshall LJFerenczy MWDaley ELJensen PNRyschkewitsch CFMajor EO. Lymphocyte Gene Expression and JC Virus Noncoding Control Region Sequences Are Linked with the Risk of Progressive Multifocal LeukoencephalopathyJ Virol. May 2014.